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Material General y de Disección


1.Corning Glass Microscope Slide

Finest quality noncorrosive glass,
with finely ground edge.
Precleaned and packed vertically.
(76.2 x 25.4mm).
Thickness: 0.96 to 1.10mm.
Plain (no frosted end)

2. Corning Frosted End

(76.2 x 25.4mm)
Frosted End
Thickness: 0.96 to 1.06mm.

3. Ultrastick /UltraFrost Adhesion Slide

75 x 25mm
1mm thick
surface coated for adhesion
frosted one end
one side

4. Goldseal Micro Slides

All Goldseal Cover glass is made from pre-selected, precleaned silicate glass. It is available in various shapes and thickness’ and is packaged with desiccants in lint-free boxes. All slide boxes convert to convenient slide storage files.

5. Cytology Microslides

Microslides with frosted end. They have letters V (vaginal), C (cervical) and E (endocervical) etched on reverse side. Use for cancer screening, hormonal reading and microbiological classification. Clear, corrosion resistant glass with flat surfaces and smooth ground edges. Size 2.95 x .98 x .039" thick (75 x 25 x 1mm).

 Para conocer más acerca de los portaobjetos, póngase en contacto con nosotros


1. Plastic Coverslips

Unbreakable, 0.18mm thick rigid vinyl. Each cover slip interleaved with tissue. 22 x 22mm

2. Round Glass Coverslips

Thickness 1, 0.13-0.16mm and diferent diameters

Disponemos de una gran variedad de cubreobjetos tanto de plástico como de vidrio, cuarzo... y en diferentes medidas. Para información adicional póngase en contacto con nosotros



1. Cuchilla de 1 solo filo

Best quality industrial blade, single edge, steel back, individually protected. Length: 38.9mm; Cutting Edge; Length: 38.8mm; Width: 19.6mm Thickness: 0.241mm

2. Cuchillla de un solo filo de teflón

Cuts through epoxies nicely. Single edge, steel back, individually protected.  Length: 39.6mm; Cutting Edge Length: 38.8mm; Width:19.6mm Thickness: .25mm

3. Injector Style, Carbon Steel Blade

Single Edge, heavy duty, bulk packed.
Length: 38.1mm; Cutting Edge Length: 36.3mm; Width: 8mm; Thickness: 0.25mm 

4. Feather Blade. Cuchilla de doble Filo

carbon steel blade:
Sharp edges, may be broken in half lengthwise (protect fingers and use eye protection). This is a very good razor blade for use with the Vibratome and other vibrating microtomes. Length: 42.8 mm. Cutting Edge Length: 36mm; Width: 22mm. Thickness: 0.127mm.

5. Microtome Blade

PTFE coated Low and High Profile blades.
High quality hardened stainless steel finely honed and polished for flaw-free edge.
Special proprietary process ensures edge quality and promotes durability.
Uniform PTFE coating reduces friction, eliminates striations and compressions, and requires no break-in period. LP HP

Para información adicional no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros


1. Latex Laboratory Gloves

2. UltraSense Blue Nitrile Gloves

3. Nylon Gloves

4. Cryo Gloves

5. Clavies Biohazard Autoclave Gloves

Disponemos de guantes de todas las tallas.
Para información adicional contacte con nosotros


Tissue Matrices
1. Brain Matrices
2. Acrylic Brain Matrices
3. Vibratome Matrices
Scissors - Aesculap
Scissors - High Quality
and General Laboratory

Scissors - High Quality
and General Laboratory

Scissors - General Laboratory / Dissecting

Scissor - Micro
All-Purpose Scissors



1. Forceps - Hemostat

2. Dissecting Forceps

3. Microscopy Forceps Stainless Steel

4. Tissue Forceps With Teeth


Dust-off (Aire comprimido)

Dust-Off® Plus

Pressurized cleaner with multidirectional nozzle no CFC's, HCFC's

Disposable Precision Duster

Pressurized cleaner 100% HFC's. No CFC's, no HCFC's. Nonflammable, no residue, moisture free, nonabrasive, odorless. Zero ozone depletion potential. 10 ounce aerosol. Noncorrosive. Safe on most plastics

High Velocity Precision Dusters

Pressurized cleaners: 100% HFC's. No CFC's, no HCFC's. Nonflammable, no residue, moisture free, non-abrasive, odorless, quad filtered. Inert and non-ozone depleting. 10 ounce (236ml) and 8 ounce (187ml) canisters. The “360°” canister can be inverted while spraying.

Clean Jet 100 Dust Remover

Pressurized cleaner Nonflammable, ultra-filtered, no residue, ultra clean gas for precision removal of dirt, dust, lint and particulates. Suitable for delicate electronic devices, photographic equipment, microscopes, clean rooms and laboratories. Delivers up to 100 PSIA at 20°C (68°F). No HCFC's or CFC's. Net weight 284g.

Lupas (Folding Magnifier)

1. Folding Magnifier

Widely used as a portable magnifier because of its folding design. 6x magnification with a base opening which is 1" square and marked every 1/8" on 2 sides and every millimeter on the other two sides. Sides are visible through the magnifier for measuring purposes. Black anodized aluminum.

2. Pocket Magnifiers, 7x & 10x

These Pocket Magnifiers have a sliding frame of black plastic that covers and protects both lens surfaces from dust and mechanical damage. The frame also acts as a gripping handle when in use. They are composed of a bi-convex lens with strong curvatures of crown glass and 2 negative meniscus lenses of flint glass. A carrying case is provided.
7x: Effective aperture, 16mm, 39 x 24 x 22mm; 22g
10x: Effective aperture, 15.5mm, 39 x 24 x 22mm; 19g




Disposable Polyethylene Storage Syringes: Store embedding media in Polyethylene Syringes in the deep freeze ready for quick use; dispenses easily and cleanly into capsules. Supplied with a cap for the tip. Ungraduated.

Disposable Syringes

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