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The SL-2 was designed for precise analysis of liquids. The cell performs identically to SL-3 and SL-4, but requires 32mm. x 3mm. windows instead of the usual rectangular or hexagonal shaped windows.

The SL-2 is available in dispersive and FTIR configurations

The Model SL-3 Stainless steel sealed liquid cell ensures accurate visual alignment of the cell components. These cells never have partially blocked filling ports and they never leak.

Heavy duty, corrosion resistant sealed liquid cell designed to withstand rough handling and continuous sampling in laboratories. The large 25mm circular aperture is suitable for use with both dispersive and FTIR instruments.

Our SL-4 cell is now available in both demountable and sealed cell configurations that are purgeable while the cell is in the instrument, by using a Constant Purge™ bellows attachment.

The Long Path Absorption Cell is for IR/FTIR
analysis of dilute solutions or solutions that absorb weakly. The cell has been found to be particularly useful in hydrocarbon testing, such as testing for the presence of oil in water, conforming to EPA methods 418.1 and 413.2.

The Variable Pathlength Liquid Cell can eliminate the need for a large collection of different fixed pathlength cells at an economical price.

Crystal materials such as CdMnTe, CdMnHgTe, CdTe, Si, LiF, CsBr, AgBr, MgF2 as well as from glass and composition materials such as polyethylene, BK-7 and AMTIR. Also NaCl and KCl.

Unpolished crystal optics are also known as blanks. These windows are finely ground with flat parallel surfaces. As sold they are opaque.

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