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K25X Peltier-Cooled SEM stage control unit K25X Peltier-Cooled SEM stage - top view

K25X Peltier-Cooled SEM stage - side view E4860 Recirculating Heater/Chiller - required if a suitable local water supply is not available

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K25X Peltier-Cooled SEM Stage

K25X Peltier-Cooled SEM stage control unit

The K25X is a peltier-driven SEM cooling stage for VP/EP and ESEM. The stage can be cooled to sub-zero temperatures for specimens which may be sensitive at ambient temperature, subject to beam damage, or may be otherwise sublime at ambient temperatures


Key Features
  • Temperature range -35°C to 75°C - versatile system for use with VP/EP and ESEM
  • Ambient to -25°C in three minutes - rapid cooling of specimens
  • Can be used with all leading SEMs - specific chamber and stage interface plates supplied
  • Display of actual and target temperatures - easy to see when system is ready
  • Small footprint of control unit
  • Three-year warranty
Product Description

The K25X cooling stage is mounted onto the existing SEM stage and is designed to accept the standard range of specimen stubs used with the SEM. The K25X stage has secondary cooling via a liquid cooling circuit, with access via a spare access port on the SEM to the external heat exchanger unit, which is fully vacuum isolated from the SEM chamber. This arrangement allows the majority of the x, y, z and tilt features to be maintained to an effective operating level.

The K25X is self-contained and uses a small power supply and temperature control system, the unit being supplied from a standard supply socket. The major parts of the system can be left in situ and the cooling stage is very easily removed when reverting to ‘normal’ use.

System Components
  • Peltier Cooled Stage and secondary liquid cooling
  • Vacuum Interface Port with Integral Electrical Lead Through for Peltier Supply, cooling and Temperature Monitoring
  • <Optional chiller for cooling circuit (SEM cooling water or ambient water flow may be used).
  • Control Unit with Digital P.I.D. (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) Control, with SET Point Input Temperature and MEASURED Temperature Display
  • Low Voltage Ultra smooth dc Power Supply for Peltier Drive.

K25X Available for any Hitachi, Leo, Joel or FEI SEM (Other SEM vendors also available). Keypad and dual display for temperature control and display, Simultaneous display of Actual and Target temperatures, Vacuum Interface plate with all connections, Dual Microprocessor Control.

Specifications of the K25X VP/EP & ESEM Cooling Stage

Stage Temperature Control Range: +70oC to -30oC Resolution +/- 1oC
Typical Operating Temperature: -25oC within 3 minutes from ambient: +25oC
Temperature display Resolution: 0.1oC
Temperature stability: 0.2oC
Control Unit Overall Dimensions: 137mm H x 235mm W x 260mm D. Complete with Set of 1 Metre interconnecting leads, and mains Supply lead
Sample Size: Normal Range of Specimen Stubs, Normally to 25mm Max. Dia.)
X,Y Normal Stage: Movements Maintained
Tilt: Normal Movement Maintained for X Ray Analysis (Typically to 45o)
Working Distance: Variable +/- 25mm
Rotate: Greater than 180o
Electrical Supply: 230 Volts 50Hz, Single Phase, 5 Amp max.


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