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K650X Large Chamber Sputter Coater K650X - triple sputtering head and specimen stage

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K650X Large Chamber Sputter Coater with Triple Target Head

K650X Large Chamber Sputter Coater

The K650X is a digitally-controlled, large chamber sputter coater, ideally suited for SEM and other metal coating applications. To ensure even deposition the K650X is fitted with three individual sputtering heads and a rotating specimen stage. It is rotary-pumped and suitable for non-oxidising metals - gold (Au), platinum (Pt) etc. For oxidising and non-oxidising metals the K675X is required. .

The K650XT Turbo Unit is as detailed above but has turbo pumping at 60L/Second for a higher & cleaner vacuum.

Key Features
  • 225mm/9” diameter chamber - large specimen coating, up to 200mm/6”
  • Menu-driven operation - intuitive, easy to set up and run
  • Triple target sputtering system - ideal for large specimens, such as silicon wafers
  • Low voltage sputtering
  • Film Thickness Monitor option - repeatable film thickness control
  • Rotating stage with tilt fitted as standard - fully adaptable to a wide range of specimens
  • Three-year warranty
Product Description

There are three magnetron target assemblies in the K650X sputtering head, which together with a rotating specimen table, enables even deposition over a large diameter (200mm/6”). This method allows standard targets to be utilised, and avoids the necessity of special, large and more costly profiled targets. The K650X also features menu-driven control, which allows sputtering parameters to be pre-set to give defined and repeatable film thickness.

The K650T is as detailed above, except that it is fitted with a 60L/s turbomolecular-pumping system for a cleaner vacuum.

  • Instrument Case: 450mm W x 350mm D x 175mm H
  • Work Chamber: Borosilicate Glass 225mm Dia x 125mm H
  • plus base: 110mm Dia x 115mm H
  • Safety Shield: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 24Kg
  • Target: Three x 60mm Dia x 0.1mm Thick.
  • Rotating: 155mm Dia. Adjustable
  • Specimen Stage: Height spacing to target 40 to 50mm
  • Vacuum Gauge Range: ATM - 1x10-2 mbar
  • Deposition Range: 0 - 100mA
  • Deposition Rate: 0 - 20nm/Minute
  • Sputter Timer: 0 - 4 minutes
  • Services
  • Argon: Nominal 4 psi
  • Vacuum Pump: Pump No. 10 10m3/Hr complete with vacuum hose and Oil Mist Filter
  • Electrical Supply: 230 Volts 50Hz (8 amp Max.


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