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SC7620 'Mini' Sputter Coater SC7620 vacuum chamber and specimen stage (adjustable height)

SC7620 specimen stage and sputtering head Optional carbon fibre evaporation attachment and controller

Optional carbon fibre evaporation attachment and controller (fitted)


SC7620 ‘Mini’ Sputter Coater

The SC7620 is a compact, low cost SEM sputter coater. When combined with the optional carbon attachment SC7620-CF it makes the ideal low cost SEM sputtering and carbon coating system package. The SC7620 is robust, easy to operate and is backed up with a three-year warranty.

Key Features
  • Low cost
  • Simple operation
  • Magnetic deflection sputter coating head
  • Compact design
  • Carbon fibre evaporation option
  • Adjustable height specimen stage
  • Easy to change sputter targets - gold/palladium (Au/Pd) standard
  • Built to all the latest safety standards - features include positive break electro-mechanical interlock which ensures the sputter coating head is electrically isolated when the optional carbon attachment is in use
  • Robust and reliable
  • Three-year warranty


Product Description

Easy operation

The SC7620 is ideally suited to the budget-conscious user who none-the-less demands quality results from an easy-to-use instrument. Designed for routine applications, the SC7620 uses a basic magnetron sputter head with a simple-to-replace disc target (gold/palladium (Au/Pd) as standard). The head is hinged for easy operation and fitted with electrical safety interlocks.

To prevent accidental damage the high voltage lead is shielded. The plasma current is variable by adjustment of the vacuum level using an argon leak valve with the plasma voltage pre-set. For maximum sputter coating efficiency the gas injector system ensures that argon gas enters the chamber close to the plasma discharge. Venting is to argon.

Fast cycle times

The 100mm/4” diameter Pyrex cylinder is mounted on an aluminium collar and sealed with O rings. The small vacuum chamber means pump-down times and cycle times are fast; it also allows a small economical rotary pump to be used.

The specimen stage is height-adjustable over a wide range and can easily be removed to accommodate larger specimens. The system is controlled manually by a 180-second timer with 15-second resolution. Pressure and plasma current are monitored by analogue meters.

Quality coating

The SC7620 will deposit a quality coating and has the advantage of simple operation, ensuring reliability and suitability for general use. It can be simply converted to deposit carbon by the addition of an optional carbon evaporation attachment, consisting of a switchable voltage power supply and a carbon fibre head (see SC7620-CF below). The carbon attachment includes an additional glass cylinder. This is taller than the standard sputter coater cylinder and ensures that the distance between the carbon fibre and the specimens is optimal.

The SC7620 also comes complete with 1m x 12mm bore vacuum hose and fittings, and requires only the addition of a rotary pump with a capacity of 50L/m or greater.


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