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K850 Critical Point Dryer Standard specimen holder

Standard specimen holder - ready to load Porous specimen pots for small or delicate specimens (CPD800A)

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Critical Point Driers

Model K850

K850 Critical Point DryerThe K850 combines versatility and ease of operation. Built-in thermo-electric heating and adiabatic cooling allow precise temperature control. The vertical pressure chamber (32mm diameter x 47mm) has a side viewing port, which allows a clear view of the liquid meniscus during filling.


Key Features
  • Vertical chamber with top filling and bottom draining
  • Side viewing port - offers good visibility
  • Built-in adiabatic cooling and thermoelectric heating - accurate temperature control
  • Fine control needle valve pressure let down - precise control of decompression avoids potential damage to specimens by uncontrolled pressure release
  • Built-in magnetic stirrer- enhanced solvent exchange
  • Temperature monitoring and control with thermal cut-out protection
  • Pressure monitoring with safety cut-out for over pressure
  • Easy to operate valves - light finger pressure only is needed to open and close
  • Safe operation - every K850 Critical Point Dryer is pressure tested to 2,500psi, fitted with a safety bursting disc and issued with a pressure certificate
  • Three-year warranty


Product Description

The K850 is fitted with thermo-electronic heating and adiabatic cooling and temperature control of +5°C cooling and +35°C during heating. This allows pre-cooling of the chamber and ensures that the critical point is accurately obtained.

The K850 is fitted with three valves: fluid inlet, flushing and a gas venting system which uses a fine needle valve to give controlled pressure let down. A built-in magnetic stirrer ensures thorough mixing of specimens with circulating fluids.

The standard specimen holder has 12 individual wells (8mm diameter x 8mm high) and allows easy exchange and transfer to and from the K850. For very small specimens CPD800A porous pots are available.


Specifications of the K850 CPD
  • Instrument Case: 450mm W x 350mm D x 175mm H
  • Weight: 12Kg
  • Specimen Chamber: 32mm Dia x 47mm High Internal (Tested to 3000 psi)
  • Temperature Gauge: 0 - 120oC
  • Thermal Cut-Out: 40oC
  • Pressure Gauge: 0 - 3000 psi
  • Pressure Safety Cut Out: At 1700 psi
  • Cooling/Heating: +5oC to +35oC
  • 4 x On/Off Valves: Cool/Fill/Out/Bleed
  • 1 x Needle Valve Letdown: Fine Bleed - (In Series With Bleed)
  • Includes:: 1 x Specimen Holder Stainless Steel (12 compartments 8mm x 8mm) -10 x PTFE Pourous Specimen Pots (18mm x 14mm Pack 10)
  • NOTE: Flow Guage Monitor option fitted externally in series with fine bleed.(0-2.2L/Min - CP03266-18)
  • Services
  • CO2: gas cylinder (local supply) high pressure hose for direct connection (included with Instrument)
  • Electrical Supply: 230 Volts 50Hz (3 Amp max.)


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