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K975X Turbo-Pumped Thermal Evaporator K975X 'anti-stick' carbon rod gun

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K975X Turbo-Pumped Thermal Evaporator

K975X Turbo-Pumped Thermal Evaporator

The K975X is a compact, bench-mounted, multiple application thermal evaporator for vacuum deposition of thin layers of carbon and metals. It is ideal for a wide range of techniques, including the production of carbon support films and replicas for TEM and carbon/metal thin film applications. The K975X is available with a wide range of optional add-ons, including low-angle shadowing and sequential layer coating using dual-source evaporation (an additional metal evaporation source is required).


Key Features
  • Menu-driven 'user' key inputs - ideal for multiple user sites
  • Unique ‘anti-stick’ carbon rod gun evaporation assembly - reproducible carbon films
  • Metal evaporation source (filament, boat etc)
  • Suitable for specimens up to 140mm2 or 200mm diameter
  • Wide selection of ‘add-on’ options - allows future upgrade
  • Rack-out drawer specimen loading system - easy specimen exchange
  • Restricted or full vent control - prevents specimen disturbance during venting
  • Three-year warranty


Product Description

Coating sources

The K975X is fitted with a carbon rod gun and metal filament/boat source which can also be used for cleaning TEM and SEM apertures. An optional sputtering source is available.

Work chamber

The borosilicate glass work chamber is 250mm diameter x 300mm and mounted on an aluminium support collar. A tough chamber implosion guard is included as standard. The chamber can accommodate specimens up to 200mm/8” in diameter. A unique rack-out specimen loading system gives the user easy specimen access and the hinged lid assembly makes other areas of the vacuum chamber readily accessible.

Menu-driven control

The menu-driven microcontroller allows the user access to a range of options, but readily ‘defaults’ to optimum operating conditions, allowing both fully-automatic and manual override as required.

Turbomolecular pumping and venting

The K975X uses a modern 100L/s turbomolecular pump backed up by an external rotary vacuum pump (not included, see EK3175) with the complete pumping sequence being under fully-automatic control.

The vacuum pump-down sequence is automatically controlled by the system microprocessor. Vacuum measurement is by a combined pirani/penning gauge and is displayed digitally.

Process gases

(nitrogen for venting - if fitted - and argon for the optional EK4175 sputtering attachment) are automatically controlled and can be programmed for use during coating sequences. The vent valve has an adjustable restrictor and programmable vent time to prevent disturbing specimens due to the inrush of gas at the end of the cycle.

Specimen stages

The K975X is fitted with an 80mm flat stage as standard, but this may be exchanged for optional holders, such as a 3mm grid holder, low-angle shadowing attachment and a rotary planetary stage (see Options and Accessories). Specimen holders are supplied with a bayonet fixing for quick removal.

The rotary stage is mounted on a sliding access port on the side of the chamber. This allows the user to exchange specimens quickly without having to remove the glass chamber and disturb any coating set-up. The standard flat stage may be tilted for rotary shadowing techniques from 0° to +/- 180°.

Chamber base plate and evaporation power supplies

The K975X is fitted with a 0-100A evaporation power supply with base plate terminals for carbon rod evaporation (14V/100A), evaporation from a metal filament (15V/35A), carbon string evaporation (25V/35A) and a terminal rated at 5V/35A for TEM and SEM aperture cleaning using a molybdenum (Mo) boat. A wide range of add-on options is available - see Options and Accessories.

K975S Thermal Evaporator

The K975S is based on the K975X, but a special load lock door allows the loading of wafers up to 200mm/8”. Please contact us for more information.


Specifications of the K975X High Vacuum Evaporator
  • Instrument Case: W 450mm x D 500 x H 300mm
  • Borosilicate Glass Work Chamber with Hinged Top Plate: Dia: 250mm x H: 300mm (can accommodate samples to 200 mm) (8") in Dia.
  • Safety Polycarbonate Implosion Guard: To suit work chamber readily removable for maintenance
  • Weight: 65Kg.
  • Carbon Gun: Adjustable height with Tilt Control 0-20o. Uses 6.15mm Carbon Rods
  • Turbomolecular Pump: - 100L/Seconds as Standard Optional Sizes Available
  • Vacuum Gauges: Active Gauge Head Atm to 1x10-7 mbar.
  • Working Vacuum: within 15 minutes
  • Operating Vacuum: Into x10-5 mbar range (Liquid Nitrogen Trap Option Available)
  • Evaporation Supply (Pulsed or Variable Control): 4 x Selectable, Low Voltage Volts a.c. V, 5V, 15V,25V @ 25 amps. 7V @100 amps
  • Specimen Table: With Tilt Facility 0-45o
  • Rotating Specimen Table Option: 60mm Dia.Tilting 0-45o, with Variable Speed Control 15rpm To 45rpm
  • Sputtering Option: Deposition: 0 - 100mA Deposition Rate: 0 - 50nm/Minute Gold (Au)
  • Standard Target: 57 mm Au (options Pt, Pt/Pd, Pd, Ni, Cu, Ag)
  • Timer: 0 to 4 Minutes
  • HT Safety Interlocked
  • Film Thickness Option
  • Glow Discharge Option
  • Services
  • Argon: (For Sputtering option) Nominal 4 psi
  • Vacuum Pump: No2 Pump (2m3/Hr) pumping speed Oil Mist Filter, Vacuum Hose. (Included with Instrument)
  • Electrical supply: 230 Volts - 50/60Hz - 8 amp normal Including pump.

Note: In Circuits with Current Trips , when using Pulse for 230 v a 16 amp minimum is required


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